Corporate gifts in Singapore are a big deal. The same goes for just about any country, for that matter. People need to know that you appreciate them and want their business. They should never be made to feel like they would be better off giving their business to some other person or company. Because of this, I make sure to know what is necessary to make all of my customers happy. I also manage a sales team, and I make sure that they understand this very early on when they are hired.

My dad was in sales, and I learned most of what I know from him. I would say that I am not a natural-born salesperson. My dad was an amazing salesperson from the beginning without any training. I went to school to get my business degree and got my first sales job early on after graduation. I assumed that from dad sharing a lot of things with me, selling to others and wanting them to purchase what I had to offer would be incredibly easy, but it’s not. I had a lot of things to learn. So, I had some long talks with dad who was happy to mentor me. I also needed to take some classes on how to be more persuasive.

It took awhile, but everything that I learned helped me to become the person I am now with my clients. I wasn’t lucky to be born with the charismatic personality that dad was born with, but I do fine now that I have learned the tricks of the trade. I have worked hard enough that I have been able to open my own sales company. Over time, we have hired some of the best workers around and have made quite a name for ourselves in the business world.

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