Please check out my NEW SHARE FACTORY VIDeo where I cover every feature added after this video came out and answer all the questions you had about Commentary and Music.

BTW as of today, you can now MOVE CLIPS and change their order. In this video it was not possible.

This is my how to video to be able to make a decent video for your youtube channel using only the PS4 Share Factory program, looks pretty sweet in the end, check out the final video created in this how to –

NEW: PAN and ZOOM Tips amd Tricks! uploads March 12th at noon –

How to get your channel partnered –

How to make and add Commentary –

How to add pics and sound effects from the internet:

Time Bender (how to get the best out of Slow Motion in Share Factory) –

How to create your thumbnail and upload it –

How to broadcast like a boss from PS4 to YouTube Gaming!

HOW TO Create a professional looking stream on with PS4:

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