877-818-7448 Do you own a business? Are you struggling to get new clients? Have you tried all the old methods such as newspaper advertising, radio advertising, and perhaps even television ads, with little to no increase in your business? Isn’t it time you tried a new approach? What’s this new revolutionary approach? It’s simply internet marketing. Current statistics show that by two thousand sixteen more than half of the dollars spent in US retail will be influenced by the web.
It’s time you put your advertising dollars where the money really is, and that’s online.

Search Engines
People all over the world are searching for your products and services using search engines such as Google and Bing. But are they finding you in the search results? You need to put your business in front of buyers. And that’s what local SEO does. It drives targeted buyers to your business.

Social Media
Do you have a Facebook page? Are you using it just to play games and to chat with old friends? If so, then you do not understand the true power of facebook and social media in general. Facebook has over eight hundred million active users and many of them are interested in what you have to offer. Do you know that twenty percent of Facebook users have purchased something because of ads or comments they saw there?

Mobile Marketing
When you receive a text message how quickly do you read it? Current statistics show that ninety five to ninety eight percent of text messages are read within minutes of receipt. Your business can take advantage of mobile marketing and build targeted SMS leads.

Mobile Websites
How does your website look when someone visits it on their smartphone? Is it cumbersome to use where users have to pinch and expand just to see what you have to offer? Most users immediately exit and move on to your competition if your site looks like that. Specialized call to action mobile sites is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

You need internet marketing if you want to propel your business to new heights, and is also very affordable when compared to other advertising mediums.

Why not get started today? Call us right now or send us an email to get started. Don’t delay. Do it now. Your business depends on it.

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