In the Sunday Gaming News Round-up for September 10 we take a look at Bethesda’s defence of its new Creation Club system, aka, Paid Mods. We also discuss Bethesda’s “unannounced” title which does not exist, Destiny 2’s shady shaders and the complexities and intricacies of Tracer’s arse – a topic explored in some depth by Kotaku this week.

Hosts: Mike Williams and Gareth Evans
Editor: Mike Williams
Script: Mike Williams

Creation Club –

Pete Hines Defends the Crap out of Creation Club, Saying It’s “Like Mini-DLC”

Bethesda Unannounced –

Destiny 2 Microtransaction Shaders

Sonic Mania Denuvo cracked in just 8 days

Sonic Mania’s Denuvo has been cracked in just eight days since launch

Borderlands 3 is being worked on (pretty much)

Borderlands 3 Is Being Worked On By 90% of Gearbox’s Staff

Why is Tracer’s bum so pronounced though?

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