It has been a few years since I have had cable and I guess that I am finally off the mind to get it again. My friend told me to check out cable one to see what their prices are like, because he said that he had some pretty good deals with them in the past, so I wil lcheck them out first. I want to get a package that includes quite a few channels. I find myself bored these days,a nd so I am going to get cable television again so that I have more to do with my time.

I am really excited about the idea of having cable again, to be honest, which is kind of strange considering the fac tthat I went so long without it in the past. I am going to check out all the prices in the area before actualyl deciding on which package would work for best for me. I want to make sure that I do not get a package that has some sort intro rate that is low, but the service will go up dramatically in price after six months or a year, and then charge you like crazy for everything and anything that they can get away with.

I am going to try to get it set up withint he next couple of days. I just bought a new television in anticipation of getting cable again. I probably spent more than i should have on my new television, but it has been 10 years since I have bought a new television. My old television is a flat screen CRT television that is 40 inches. I swear that it weighs a metric ton and I might pay someone to get rid of it, rather than trying to move it myself.

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