As soon as the government put out the do not call list, I knew that I had to get my number on there. There were so many people that did not have the right to call my family during dinner, that were usually selling something so I told them that it was really annoying for them to be able to call me and to stop, they never did. Once my name and number got put on the do not call list all of that stopped. However, directstar is one of those companies that I never did get a phone call from and when it came time for me to get my new TV service, I decided that I would call all those companies and tell them that since they still called me that they would not get my business. I immediately called the other company that did not call me, ever, and I told them to sign me up for their great programming because I was their newest customer.

They said that they would only call me if I had a complaint online or if I contacted them first and they needed to give me a call back. I thought that was very responsible of them and I told them that this is exactly the reason why I would be using them and not the other companies. It did really make a huge difference to me and I am really proud that I am able to call them my new TV provider. One night last week I had a marketing call and I told them that they would not be welcomed to call me again, they said that I had to deal with the calling and to get used to it, I reported them right away and they were fined.

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